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About Erica

Erica is the #1 Best-selling author of "Unstoppable Tenacity". She is a Growth & Sales Strategist for heart-centered entrepreneurs. 

Erica empowers women to master the art of selling so that they catapult their IMPACT, MONEY, and FREEDOM.

She is now on a mission to empower 1 million women to charge what they're worth and show them that they don’t have to be sleazy, gimmicky, or overly assertive to create the abundance they desire in their biz.

Heart-Center Entrepreneurs can authentically sell programs/services with EASE and GRACE like a Queen Boss!

Client Love

Victoria Morgan 

Erica Stepteau you are the real deal!

Erica Stepteau you are the real deal! After our session yesterday I was left feeling confident in my abilities, experience, and knowledge. Heck, I paid some good money for all these degrees. But to finally be able to do exactly what I love is rewarding. But, It was your 1:1 VIP coaching session that helped me to identify who I wanted to serve, how I should package my program and sales and marketing strategies. As a result, during my interview, I was extremely clear on how to deliver my message. I now landed my very first VIP client who paid the full $3750 up front. Not only that, but I signed up 30 new members to my leadership academy which is $27 per month. That is $800 of reoccurring income so far in my business. Whoot Whoo!!!! Erica, you are awesomeness Queen! Thank you. Keep doing meaningful work.

Cheryl Peavy

The Fearless

“No More” Coach

Erica changed the way I really look at myself.

Tenacious Queen that is who I am. I was afraid to show up as one. Erica changed the way I really look at myself. She took her time to listen to me. She took notes and immediately came up with a game plan for me to monetize my passion. She has played an intricate role in my life. She made me believe that I can have it all. I can manifest the life that I so want. It is one thing to dream about it. But, if you are ready to manifest your dreams, then Erica is the coach for you! She is phenomenal. I would suggest that you read her book Unstoppable Tenacity. Once you hear her story, you will understand why she is the ‘Queen of Unstoppable Tenacity’. You will love her energy and her desire to help you move to the next level.

Erica is the QUEEN of creativity and visibility!!

Optimum creativity and strategy can happen in an hour! Erica is the master at getting clear and creative and always showing up, probably the biggest lessons I have learned from her. If you feel stuck getting visible girls, Erica is your girl!! Thank you for all that you have done to help me!

Melissa Ramirez

Life on Purpose Coach

Erica is amazing!

Before working with Erica, I was stuck in every sense of the word. I was in a fog with my business unsure of what direction to take. I'd lost momentum after my last challenge months ago and just plain out of sorts. Erica is amazing! She helped me identify my ideal client who makes me excited to work with. She helped me identify a book idea to use in my next workshop and I just know she going to help me continue building momentum in my business that I just couldn't imagine before!

Felicia Drayton

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